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06 Oct 2019

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Thoughts on Tokio Marine Atlas Classic Investment-Linked Insurance Policy?

Has anyone had any experience with the TM Atlas Classic Plan?

Some of the notable features that attract me are:

  • flexibility (able to take unlimited “premium holiday” without paying any fee)
  • access to preferred funds
  • low platform fee (6% for first year and 1.5% for subsequent years)
  • 9% bonus for first 5 years
  • current promotion (10% bonus based on first year premium)
  • 0.5% loyalty bonus from 6th year onwards

I’m looking at this as my long term investment plan.

Appreciate any input

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Hariz Arthur Maloy

Hariz Arthur Maloy

07 Jun 2019

Level 15·Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

I have not seen the funds available yet but the product structure seems fine. I think you can compare this quite well to AXA Wealth Treasure. I'll need to do a fee breakdown to make sure. I haven't received training for this product yet. I'll check back to this question next week.

But ultimately if there aren't good enough funds to build an above average risk adjusted portfolio, you could be better off, buying funds directly with a lower wrap fee by a human advisor.

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