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10 May 2021


Should I invest the bulk of my salary and save only a small amount monthly if my emergency funds are already sufficient?

Currently 24 years old with an iron rice bowl, net worth about $55k excl. CPF ($10k in cash, the rest in investments), currently only saving a small % of my salary (~$500) and investing the bulk of it monthly (~$1k to 1.5k) - is this wise considering the fact that I would probably have a house and a wedding to pay for in the next 6 years? I feel like it's too much a waste to leave cash lying in the bank, but that could be the rash part of me speaking. Would appreciate opinions, thank you!

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What are your thoughts?

I don't have much in my bank account also. But with the housing and wedding upcoming, I worry that I may not bear to pull out some of my investments when the time comes. Hence, I kept some in high-interest insurance savings plans like Singtel Dash and Singlife. These two accounts are capital guaranteed and there is no lock-in period. So much better than leaving them to rot in the bank.

Awww man, congrats to be you.

Anyway, you need to think about what you want. Personally, I'm of the opinion of, if you already have your emergency funds, you can probably scale back on the saving to your main bank account and to invest it.

The next big problem is what to invest it in. Not all have the nerve or daring to pick individual stocks, reits or ETFs at first. My advice, ask your financial advisor on what kind of investment you can start off with. DO NOT COMMIT. Have him justify what kind of investment you can do, and why, and the timelines needed.

Good luck.

Remember friends, profits and losses are probable, but inflation erosion of cash value is a definite.

I feel it depends on your risk appetite and your conviction towards your investments. With your 10k in cash and ~6k savings a year, you should probably have enough in 6 years time for your house downpayment (assuming BTO) and a modest wedding.

if you feel your job is an iron rice bowl, it can afford you the option to take more risks in terms of investment. If you have conviction in your investments, you know they will do well in the long term and hence won't panic sell when there is market volatility.

Write down your goals or objective with partner:

getting a bto 4 rm 5rm or ec at where price

wedding 30k at least

Understanding different vehicle of investment..

bond, gold or silver, crpyto, option, commodities and etc

Another crisis shall come in 2 years

A lot of people shall ask you to buy reits or etc or endowment , unit trust, etf..

If you are a newbie, know nothing in investment, start to learn daily

Another bear run, start to buy good stocks at low price s & p index or sti etf..

Cpf can start to buy gold or 3 local bank stocks or sgx..

Learn different sort of vehicles and grow smarter and wiser each day..

Have a different accounts:

1 - for spending

1 - for invesment

1 - for marriage

1 - for bto

1 - for holiday

Remember not to buy car.. Choose good singapore reits or us stocks to earn more when market is downtrend..

Invest in condo or ec can grow your $$$

To know more about oneself, learn metaphysics I am sure I am the first one to say.. Bazi, qimen or ziwei, yijing or numerlogy so that you can know what destiny you will and change to a better person... start slowly ​​​

Age is on your advantage. Compounding is always a beast. how you want to do with you money depends h...

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