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23 Sep 2021



Need advice: Investing the bulk of my salary and only saving a small amount monthly. Is this a good idea?

I'm 25 yrs old with a networth of ~$60k not counting CPF ($15k cash savings and everything else invested). I'm still young and wish to grow my wealth asap so I'm investing the bulk of my monthly salary (~50%) and only saving a small % (~$300).


I'm looking at getting married and buying a resale flat when I'm 30. Is this a good idea? All advice and opinions appreciated. thnak you!

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Definitely ok. 5 years is a decent timeline and too long to keep your money in a bank. I did my renovation and furniture with 30k, earned 10k from my wedding so in fact I was overly conservative for my cash savings. Invest more agressive when you are younger so the older you can thank you later.

I currently is waiting for BTO, but I started investing quite late. However, I think having a 60k net worth at the age of 25 is really great and provide you a more options on what you could do next.


I would suggest that maybe you could try sit down with your future spouse and do up a spreadsheet on your finances. Have an idea on the future expenses vs earning etc. This will help in a bigger picture on how much you should spend, invest and save.


End of the day can your savings meet the future expenses or is there any investment instrument that allow easy liquidity/withdrawal etc.

Assuming your household income within limit, you should go for BTO if possible. This has been setup for citizens, even LKY talked about it if he grew up in modern Singapore. Buying BTO would basically almost double in prices. Say $400k BTW, would be at least $600k to $800k after MOP.

My recommendation, go for BTO - 5 room at nice place if possible. Stay there and try to paydown loan where possible. Then by 40, when MOP, you can choose to upgrade to resale... this time wuth $800k - top up little cash and get $million, super prime Resale HDB, or could strive for condo depending on preference and your level of income. Or stay in BTO until end of days.

As young citizen, average income, recommendation always go for BTO. It's designed to give us leg up early in life... And that sets up Singaporeans for long term.

You didn't disclose how much you earn monthly or your desired net worth by age 30. So you could only receive generic comments here.

A 4-room resale flat in non-mature estates is asking for over $500k now. A simple wedding during this period could cost around $40k (unless one is hoping the angbaos received could pay for the expenditure, which was likely during pre-pandemic days). With these for reference, you plan your "destination" at age 30. Next, your "avenues" to help you reach the "destination". Guess your current $60k networth includes investment (paper gains), savings, etc. If investing 50% of monthly salary, say $2k, and assuming no hiccups along the 5 years' journey and managed to arrive at $250k; you would need to put your monies in investments that could generate over 25% CAGR. Achieveable! Hence, do map out accordingly towards your ideal plan.

As the saying goes... ่ฎกๅˆ’่ตถไธไธŠๅ˜ๅŒ–, just don't overcommit yourself. Or else, you will end up nowhere.

5 years is more than enough time before marriage to stay invested. Good job 60K at 25 bring just sta...

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