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18 Apr 2021



No time for job search while working full time, should I quit existing job to make time to find a new one?

I am working full time and the work load is really heavy, I have to work weekend and OT on weekday as well. I rarely have time to rest mentally. It's either I used my non work time to do work, or find new job.. which in the current situation it has to be the former to get work done. I tried to screen for new jobs before I sleep each night but it seems insufficient. Should I quit so that I have time to find a new job? Early 30s married with no kids.

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I think so long as you have sufficient emergency funds to last you for six months or more, you can resign and focus your energy into finding a new job. It could also be a time to do self reflection and ask yourself if you will continue on your career journey.

Evaluate your push and pull factor. Is the overloading only during crunch time? Seek for some work reshuffle from your team if needed. Depending on your financial, ensure your emergency funds are sufficient to cover your expenses. If your spouse is working and you are confident abt the job market, having a short break is a good reset for your mental health.

Ensure that you have sufficient savings to live while looking for a new job.


14 Apr 2021

Personal Butler at Devhaus

If you're clocking this kind of hours, they better make sure your pocket is full.

And if your pocket is indeed full, it shouldn't pain you so much to quit your job before securing one.

From what I'm getting, you're either extremely over-worked or simply an asset to the team they cannot do without. If it's the latter, you definitely don't have to worry about getting a job.

And if it's the former, please do take a break and reset yourself. Burnout is going to cost you more than what you're capable of earning.​​​

I personally went through that phase and would like to systematically think my process as such:
1. H...

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