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04 Aug 2022


Should I quit my job as private tutor and go find a new proper full time office job?

For some context, im a home-based private tutor currently and i have around 40 students. it earns me 6k. but i usually work on night and weekends since they have school. which means i dont have social life since my friends all work in the day.

should i quit this job and go for a full time job that pays me 3k?

im afraid that i might not be relevant to the workforce now. entering the workforce also means im like a 'fresh grad'. what should i do?

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U want social life do u still want to teach students n hv a social life n afraid u might be not relevant to the workforce now etc. How abt putting ur course on skills share or Udemy? As both this r online course so hv weekends social life with ur friends. As I could watch repeated class in skills share n Udemy. Or hire another tutorer to teach, like this could free ur time on weekend. Becoz if every of the work is done on u all ur time will be taken up. As hving another help could ease ur burden n hv social life on weekends if u like or prefer it.

As a home based tutor, I'm not sure if you are teaching from your home or teaching at the student's home.

If you are teaching from your own home, consider having small group than individual classes. It will save you a lot of time.

If you are teaching at your student home 1-1:

Assuming 40 students x 1.5h each week x 4 times a week = 240h

6000 for 240h, per hour is 25. It's a lil low unless you are teaching all lower primary.

If that's the case, work on your marketing skill. Increase your rate and value, take in fewer students. I'm pretty sure you can have 1 or half weekend off or few week day nights off.

How did u manage to get so many students?...

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