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14d ago

Need advice on how to save more money

Saving up at least 50% of my salary, and contributes to family and parents with the 25% and the last 25% are my monthly expenses and bills. my salary is less than $2.5k and I have a small freelance job that pays by project. Alr cutting down a lot of my expenses but still looking for ways to save more money. Pls help :-(


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    Hi anon! You are already doing a great job. Not many people can consistently sae 50% of their salary.

    I understand that you want to save more, but you have to understand that there is a limit on how much expenses you can cut. You would not want to sacrifise your quality of life just to save, because it is not sustainable in the long run. You will burnout eventally. Continue what you are already doing and it should be good enough.

    However, you can also look into increasing your income instead. There are two ways to save more. Spend less, or earn more. Focusing on increasing your earning power is much more sustainable in the long run.




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      Hey Anon,

      It sounds like you’ve already maximised your current salary. The next question would be how to increase your active income or make your savings work harder for you.

      For active income, depending on your current job tenure, you can consider to start looking around for a better paying role if internally there’s no opportunities.

      For the latter, if you’ve accumulated 6-12 mths of expense reserves, you can consider setting up a recurring purchase order with a robo advisor for a start.

      Here’s an article from TWS talking about FIRE but there’s a graphic on savings and salary. It’s good to have a habit of segmenting your salary but it will always be a struggle to meet your goals if your base income remains the same.




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        It's good that u start to save half of your salary.
        I don't have much background of you all this ar...

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