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27 Aug 2020



Late starter in investing but can only contribute 100 odd per month. Does this make sense to get into robo advisor like Syfe?

I'm in late 30s and doesn't know alot on investing (tried to read about it but don't understand well enough to DIY). I've built 6months worth of emergency fund & have essential insurances. Spare cash are in SSB bonds, AXA Wealth Accelerator and contributing 10% of salary to buy discounted company shares (started a year ago). There are alot of hypes on roboadvisors especially on Syfe. After reading reviews, this may work for me but can only contribute 100+/mth Does it makes sense to do so? TIA!

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Chan Ze Ming

Chan Ze Ming

27 Aug 2020

Accountancy and Finance Student at Nanyang Polytechnic


It makes sense to contribute around $100 per month to robo adivsors (Syfe... Stashaway... etc). This is because of the easy to understand expenses you are paying and the low charges if you were to compare it to traditional brokerages. What you are planning to do right now, which is to have a monthly contributation, is exactly what Stashaway and other roboadivsors (i think, i only use stashaway) advocates - Dollar Cost Averaging, this means that you do not time the market and have a fixed regular investing plan no matter how high or low is the current price. (basically, its to ignore short term noises(volatility) because in the long run, it will benefit you as market always rise up)

Another thing to note is to know what you are investing, is the funds primarily for wealth perservation (Eg Bonds) or growth(Equities)? Risky or less risky?

Hope this helps hahah.​​​

With TD Ameritrade having 0.00 USD trading fees, everything could be done DIY.

Benedict Lau

Benedict Lau

27 Aug 2020

Student Ambassador 20/21 at Seedly


The best time to start investing was yesterday, and the next best time is today! With the advent of robo advisors, there is no amount too small to begin investing with. Furthermore, robo advisors are ideal for DCA as you pay a single management fee and it won't matter if you transact once a year or daily. You pay the same amount of management fee all else equal. Of course, as you get more comfortable you can always start increasing your monthly contribution. Hope this helps!

Shania Loh

Shania Loh

24 Aug 2020

Seedly Student Ambassador 2020/21 at Seedly

Hi Anon! It's not too late to start on investing in robo-advisors especially since some of them have no minimum investment sum, which makes it a low barrier of entry for beginner investors. Robo-advisors are also fairly customizable based on your risk appetite and time horizon and can potentially earn you high returns. Do read up more on Syfe and its investment strategies and portfolios to see if its something you want to invest in. Alternatively, you can consider other robo advisors like StashAway and kristal.AI.

Hi, congratulations on starting. Most often, the hardest thing to do is to get the momentum.

Many y...

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