facebookI'll be getting my flat in 2 year's time +/- in 2025. I currently have 74k in OA. What is the best way to use my CPF. - Seedly


23 Dec 2022



I'll be getting my flat in 2 year's time +/- in 2025. I currently have 74k in OA. What is the best way to use my CPF.

Should my $$ in OA be used for my home or top up to my other accounts? I have investments, emergency funds and insurance. I have also saved around 50k on the side for future use for my home reno...

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02 Jan 2023

Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

I can only share my experience because your priorities may be different from mine


I took a HDB housing loan, wiped out my CPF OA money and paid off my entire mortgage in about five years. Only when my mortgage was paid off did I transfer my CPF from OA to SA. This meant that I hit my FRS only when I reached 41. (There are stories of how others hit their FRS in their early 30s).


but I don't care lar. I just hate the feeling of being in debt. I'm making Voluntary Housing Refunds to my CPF OA whenever I can - but that doesn't cause me stress at all.


you can achieve all your financial goals - just not at the same time

The info you have provided is too limited. The easy answer is it depends on your planning - some thoughts you can consider, I hope it's helpful.


1) Loan/how you plan to finance the flat - how much loan (what is the house value)/what kind of loan (HDB/bank)/how long are you (10,15,20,25 years) / + your spouse (if any) taking the loan/how much by cash? How long you plan to work?

2) Retirement - how are you planning for your retirement? Hit FRS etc? Or you plan to plan only after getting your house?

3) Investment - are your investments for retirement or also a portion will help to pay flat loan?

4) CPF - do you and your spouse plan to retain $20K in CPF OA balance when financing for the flat or no?


There's no same way/right or wrong answer for different ppl w different obligations/scenario.

Ryan Yap

23 Dec 2022

Retirement Specialist at AIA

If you have set aside an emergency fund for yourself, including enough to pay off 1-2years of housin...

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