facebookI am trying to save money and at the same time, spend money to hang out with friends and go out occasionally. Any tips on how to save money while having fun and having enough to invest? - Seedly



22 Jun 2021


I am trying to save money and at the same time, spend money to hang out with friends and go out occasionally. Any tips on how to save money while having fun and having enough to invest?

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To 'hang out with friends and go out occasionally' might not need as much money as you think, or at least it should not have to thwart your savings plans!

Coming from someone who has been a saver since my very first internship, I have always been looking for creative ways to spend time with friends and family. Assuming you are based in Singapore, I personally feel Singapore is a great place to have hangouts that usually don't cost much (unless your definition of hanging out has to be an atas one - Champagne Brunch, anyone?'

Activities you can do with friends:

1. #my10ktoday: Work up a sweat by taking a run along the Marina Bay route. Many people do it in groups, and it's essentially free. Same logic goes for hiking/cycling/etc. at the various Nature Parks in Singapore.

2. #sghawkerculture: Skip atas high teas and fancy brunch places and get a $1.50 drink with friends at local kopitiams! Support local hawker culture ;)

3. #theatresonthebay: Catch a free performance at Esplanade. They tend to have something good every weekend - so if your friends are arts lovers, that could be an option.

Honestly there are so many free things you can do in Singapore with friends. Even though I know I can spend $20-30 on overpriced eggs and sitting on my ass for two-three hours talking to friends, I get alot more satisfaction having some kick-ass teh halia for $1.50 at the local hawker, and then go for a stroll with friends along the Marina Bay route!

I am a millenial and I am cognizant of how peers might like to go to 'nice' (read: atas) places on the weekends, take a bunch of pretty photos on cafe hopping adventures and spend upwards of $30-40 in a day. Of course, to each their own - but if you are looking to save money, then you would need to think about cheaper options along the way!

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Jit Thong Ling

Jit Thong Ling

02 Aug 2020

Level 5·Financial Consultant at finexis Advisory

Hi there! I'm a 20 y/o NSF so I can understand this conflict that you're having. Personally, I set a budget when I go out with my friends to eat and have fun. Usually <$10 per meal. If drinks are involved, I'll cap it at $20. Do note I drink maybe once/twice a month.

Some tips to stretch the dollar:
1) Visit Hawker Centres
2) Book restaurants using Eatigo (up to 50% discount)
3) Pay using Favepay + Grab credits
4) Share a meal if you're not particular hungry
5) Plain water instead of bbt/sweet drinks
6) Use credit card to accumulate points/rebates (Pay on time!)
7) Do you really need that upsize?
8) Take advantage of coupons/combo meals

I believe other answers touch on the activities you can do for free so I don't want to touch on that.

Ultimately, it comes down to self-discipline to say no when your friends invite you to hang out every now and then. Fret not, it will bear fruit in the future!



22 Jun 2021

Level 8·Financial Service Consultant at AIA

Go to an affordable place to hang out. Usually I do buffet haha. The cost-time ratio is worth....

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