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25 Feb 2021


Any tips to save more from my salary?

Hi financially savvy people! I've been keeping track of my expenses but I still don't save a lot from my salary...any simple tips to try out?

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Sabrina Wong

Sabrina Wong

Edited 16 Nov 2021

Communications at University at Buffalo

Hello, saving money can be fun! Here's a quote I found that I really resonate with in an article: “Done right, saving money is more fun than spending money.”


Source: https://www.sevendollarmillionaire.com/1-baby-steps/


When it comes to savings, we should always start early (as early as one can), save little and save often. As someone who has recently started my financial journey, I am currently using Hugo Save, a digital account that helps you spend, save & invest, starting with gold.

If you have turned 18 already this year, you can consider Hugo Save too. You can download and try the app here: www.hugosave.com

  1. You can open your account in under 4 min. All you need is your NRIC/ FIN and a selfie. It's open for users above 18 years of age.
  2. The Hugo account comes with a Visa Platinum Debit card that you can also use on MRT or buses.
  3. With Hugo Roundups, your purchases get rounded up to the enarest dollar and the loose change is auto invested into gold.
  4. You can actively save for your financial goals through Hugo Money Pots.
  5. Start your investment journey in gold through Hugo Gold Vault. With Hugo, you can invest as low as $0.01 in gold. I love the fact that Hugo makes saving and investing a habit and not a chore. It has helped me save and invest a little every singe day.   I also love the fact that Hugo makes saving and investing a habit and not a chore. It has helped me save and invest a little every singe day. Hope this helps! :)


Eat: Bring your own food for work. Watch the food expenditure by having a budget every month. This will allow you to monitor your spending such as bubble tea, snacks.

Activities: Participate in low cost activities like going to the beach. Cycling.

Salary per hour: Know how much you are getting per hour. For example, you are earning $15/ hour. 1 new iPhone 12 will cost $1200. That will require 80 hours of work . it is equivalent to about 10 days of work.

Yourself: You need to enjoy this process of being minimlaist and be prudent.

Life is short and is time sensitive, no point aiming for F.I.R.E but missing out in life.

I save a good portion of my monthly income, here's my method:
1) Calculate monthly fixed expenses (loans, allowances etc)
2) Deduct the amount above from your salary
3) If you're left with more than 50%, great, every month you can spend up to 50%
4) If you're left with less than 50%, 1) Decrease your fixed spending such as selling car etc or 2) Increase your salary by taking on extra jobs on weekends etc

Hi! I have a budget tracker. Each month, for the last 1.5 years, I calculate all my expenses and les...

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