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26 Aug 2022


I am feeling lost. I don't have a skill that I can monetize but i'm investing diligently. I'm also managing my finances well imo.

I am beginning to feel skeptical about how people say investing can actually help you "grow' your money??

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What are your thoughts?

Invest in acquiring knowledge, skills and networking. this works towards a better job with potentially better income and responsibilities.

There are many things one can do as a side hustle which do not require a specialised skillset - for example, being a trader of goods on carousell, or gig economy jobs in general.

I am not clear about what you mean by feeling lost. But if you are diligently investing your money, you are already on the right track.

I think the first thing to invest in is always in yourself / knowledge. During the bull run, many people were lulled into a false sense of confidence that they have mastered "investing", whatever that might mean for them. However, when the bear market came, a lot of "investors" suddenly lost confidence.

If you have invested in knowledge, you would have the clarity and conviction in your investment choices and will be better able to ride out the bear market.

There are many types of investment out there: real estate; stocks; REITS; ETF; options; forex; crypto etc. Each type of investment comes with its own risks and potential upside. There are countless ways you can grow your money - if you know what you are doing.

If your current skepticism stems from the perceived lack of returns from your portfolio, then this might be a good time for you to recalibrate and ask yourself how well do you actually know about your investment decisions. If you are diligently investing in a fixed deposit, your money is probably not going to grow very quickly. If you are diligently investing in meme stocks, your money might grow very quickly but might also disappear just as fast. Take the time to learn and find out which investment suits you.

In my opinion, everyone should learn about the different types of investment and build their portfolio based on what makes the most sense to them and their own profile (e.g. investment objectives; investment timeline; available resources; and risk appetite etc).

As your income grows and your knowledge in investing grows, you will then be better placed to stack your gains and compound your investment returns.

All the best and invest wisely!

For skill you find something that interest you and build on it slowly it will take time for sure to get a skill set that suit you



02 Sep 2022

Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

I may be presumptuous but I assume you feel lost because you feel you can't monetise any of your ski...

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