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07 Jun 2019

How much do Youtubers earn per video, and how many subscribers do you need to have in order to make money?

Thinking of starting a Youtube channel doing covers just for fun, but also want to know if I can make some side income through this


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    HC Tang

    HC Tang

    07 Jun 2019

    Level 13·Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

    To earn $ from you tube:

    Need 10,000 total views on your channel, 1k subscribers and 4k hours total watch time on your channel. This includes all your videos published to which all views on each video added together make this happen.

    Sponsorship and crowd-sourcing can usually be only done once you have sufficient popularity and influence over your subscribers.

    You can use youtube $ calculator to estimate how much can earn:


    Average you can earn USD1 per 1000 views. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches for 5 or 30 minutes. If your video gets millions of views but nobody clicks on ads, then you don’t make any single penny.

    YouTube advertising is managed in the Google Adwords platform. The advertisers are choosing ads based on two different constituents is a cost per click (CPC) and cost per view (CPV).

    Advertisers have two models based on which they choose the advertisement.
     a) Cost per View (CPV)
     b) Cost per Click (CPC)

     a) In CPV, the advertiser pays for the number of times the ad has been viewed. It doesn't matter if a viewer clicks on the advertisement, they pay only for the views.

     b) On the CPC, the advertiser pays for the number of clicks. So the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on the ad.

    So even if you have over a million views on your video and no one clicked on watches the ad, you don't make money. On the other hand, even if you receive only a couple hundred views and someone watches or clicks on an ad then you end up earning money.

    Location of visitors also depends, if any, visitors come from Asian countries, like India, Nepal, Pakistan, then CPC will comparatively lower earning, if any, visitors come from the UK, the US the earning will be higher comparingly. It totally depends upon the economy of the country.

    Its really tough to make money on YouTube.

    Most Youtuber start with a goal that they want to provide good content to the public, not to make money.

    Focus on your content and increase your fan base and subscriber on your channel. This would automatically lift your earning for long term. The more you have subscribers on your channel, the more your videos get hits and thus eventually increase your earning.




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      Kenichi Xi

      Kenichi Xi

      17 Sep 2018

      Level 9·nᴉʍ oʇ dǝnᴉʇsǝd 不能说的秘密 at Tag Team with Gabriel Tham

      The minimum requirements is already covered by @lim jin han.

      You can check out his answer from there.

      Night owl cinematic are a good example of youtubers that gives good content and they were given chances to work with SPF and others department to make videos tt send out important msg like low crime doesnt mean no crime.

      A lot of work have to be put in to make the video and not just showing chest or skins.

      A project with Night Owl is around 5 figures sum due to the fact tt they have ppl to feed in the company too.

      The real deal is not getting passive money from viewerships but rather projects for the large number of viewers.

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        Gabriel Tham

        Gabriel Tham

        17 Sep 2018

        Level 14·Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team

        For video or banner ads in YouTube you get paid per 1000 impression. This is called CPM. For most ti...

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