facebookDoes anyone hear about https://wealthpark.io/ or https://wealth-park.com/en/ investment? Do you think this platform would be a good start to learn how to invest? - Seedly

Spking Lee

14 Aug 2019



Does anyone hear about https://wealthpark.io/ or https://wealth-park.com/en/ investment? Do you think this platform would be a good start to learn how to invest?

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Ashley Wong

14 Aug 2019

Financial Assistant at Multi Management & Future Solutions

Yes, I have seen the sites. Both sites are dfferent. wealthpark.io looks to be a really good service though I haven't personally used it yet. I can compare it to robinhood app but unlike robinhood investing app, wealthpark.io is a paid service. You should know it before buying its plan.

If you really want to start learning about investment, I would better suggest to visit and learn content from investopedia.com. It is the best place to learn about investing and related topics.

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Samuel Rhee

14 Aug 2019

Chief Investment Officer at Endowus

I looked through it very quickly and neither platform will be very good at helping you learn how to invest. wealthpark.io seems like a stock investing tool and wealth-park is a real estate investment tool. Neither is comprehensive. Most important aspects of investing such as the asset allocation - especially strategic asset allocation, and things like diversification and modern portfolio theory and well established investment rules & guidelines should be where you start to help guide you in your investment journey. Lots of good financial blogs like Investment Moats or Financial Horse out there. Also, I think a good resource is investment books like The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle(founder of Vanguard) & Unconventional Success by David Swenson(CIO of Yale Endowment). Please also take a look at this article I wrote to give you some context on who you should follow and why. https://endowus.com/insights/true-giants-of-the...

I would ask you to try out Endowus, the most sophisticated wholly digital independent financial advisor in Singapore. Which means we are lowest cost at providing the most sophisticated advice that is available and we are independent so we are not paid off by any other financial product peddler or owned by any big financial institution. You can see here https://www.endowus.com We provide sophisticated institutional services that is similar to the way institutional investors would do it, like sovereign wealth fund (think GIC) or Yale/Harvard Endowments who have some of the best long term investment track records. We also have been contributing and doing our part to financial education and have a regular write up that is approachable and relatable yet focuses on the most important key facets of investing as an individual. Here - https://endowus.com/insights/ Check out the content there and reach out to us if you need any help.

I was previously the CEO & Chief investment officer at Morgan Stanley Investment Mgt and have 25 years experience and I have together with my partners created Endowus to provide the kind of service that I would want myself and for my friends. So try it out and let me know your thoughts. We are rolling out our services in coming months but we have a simple core portfolio solution that is suitable for 95% of Singaporean individual investors. Tax-efficient, SGD-denominated(so no FX risk) and cost effective as well to a fraction of the industry average costs. Please do more research and enjoy the learning process.

If you want to learn more about what Roboadvisors do as some suggest, (and also why Endowus is different!) then take a look at this article as well. I wrote it in The Edge a little while back and it will help you understand the whole landscape much better. https://cdn.endowus.com/press/TheEdge%202019-03...

Happy investing & All the Best,


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