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Kenneth Fong

Kenneth Fong

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05 Feb 2021



[Create Your Happiness This 2021!] Share a photo of a moment with someone and tell us why they make you happy?

2020 might've sucked. But there're loved ones around us & moments we've shared that have filled us with happiness.

Create your happiness this 2021 by spending time with those who bring you joy~

  1. Share who and why they make you happy
  2. (Bonus: Higher chance to win!) Share a photo of a moment with them (only accessible when you login to Seedly via desktop)

And you might stand a chance to win a set of Mahjong Pineapple Tarts (worth $40), which you can share with them this CNY!

Accepting entries till 8 Feb 2021, 11:59pm!

T&Cs: https://seedly.sg/c/seedly-chinese-new-year

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My girlfriend of course - because she always does weird and funny things with me/to me/for me.

This is a giant box with our mugshots printed on all 4 sides that she got delivered to my office for our anniversary. How embarassing but totally sweet.


My mother

the person that I spent the most time with this year, 2020 have been a ride. We quarrelled more, talked more and had lots of family time together. Circuit breaker led to many cooking sessions we had together, from Dalgona coffee to making our own pearls. This year allowed me to cherish my mum a lot more. Which Chinese don't love mahjong, I can say proudly I learnt mine during CB as my mum's weekly mahjong with friends stopped. She taught me during CB so that my family will have enough player for one table.


My 2 dear friends who I have known for 20 years and 12 years respectively, one whom I know since primary school and the other from being friend's sister to becoming my close friend. Both of them have shower me with warmth as they always would include me in their family outings for dinners and other activities. As an only child, I really thank and appreciate their welcome of me to experience how it's like having siblings and even got to live with them for some time.

I would like share this Mahjong Pineapple Tarts to brighten up their CNY! They are the 2 lovely sunshine in my life!


The person who makes me happy and laugh all the time is my husband!

I appreciate that he accepts who I am as a person along with all my quirky habits, and we can be weird together with no fear of others judging. 2020 truly sucked due to work woes and family issues that left me drained and sad all the time. Thankful to have him by my side as my anchor to keep me grounded, as my unwavering cheerleader who always encourage me to press on and of course, as my fun-loving lifelong partner whom I trust and love.




24 Jan 2021

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My son brings me joy because of his boundless energy and zest to explore the world around him. Even ...

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