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Clara Ng

Clara Ng

Community Manager at Seedly

30 Apr 2020


[COOK-OFF GIVEAWAY] Upload a photo of a meal you've cooked, tell us how much it costs to prepare, why you decided to cook that dish(es) and share one useful cooking tip! Prize and full details below!?

  1. Answer this cook-off giveaway question
  2. In your answer,
  • upload a photo of a meal you’ve cooked for yourself or your family over this weekend
  • tell us how much it costs to prepare the meal

  • share why you decided to cook that dish(es)
, and
  • a useful cooking tip you have

Giveaway period: 24-26 April 2020

3 lucky winners will win a meal-bundle for 2 (worth $19.95) from Grain!

How to win? The top three entries with the MOST UPVOTES by the community will be the winners!

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Charmaine Ng

Charmaine Ng

26 Apr 2020

The Value Maximizer at @ Every Ma La Xiang Guo Stall

Cooked Tze char dishes over the weekend because we missed our tze char fares tooooo much!

  • crabmeat omelette (cost: $6)

  • fried rice with sausage and mixed vegs (cost: $3)

  • prawn paste chicken (cost: $7)

  • salad youtiao ($6)

  • dessert: whole choc cake! ($3) Total: $25 or $5/pax

Basically i only use my oven for all items above; except fried rice in rice cooker so cleaning up is a breeze (save water too yea from mopping)

I got crabmeat (real frozen canned crab meat), prawn paste chicken and salad youtiao from this very good supplier called Porsch Fine Food on FB who sell good value products and best of all deliver next day damn fast lol.

Then all i need to do is plate my items in the oven tray with a separator.. 250c 50mins..

.. at 20mins point start cooking fried rice in the ricecooker... ...at 35mins point take out salad youtiao and at 50min point take out prawn paste chicken...

Viola! Everything done within an hour! (Choc cake very simple just assemble within 10mins and pop into oven for 25mins while everyone’s is eating dinner)

I like to reduce food waste so i like to get frozen food including fish, prawns, sakura chicken etc from good and cheap source. Usually we cook simple fare like bee hoon soup but this is really more decadent coz we miss tze char too much! (sorry not all pictures available because we ate it all LOL)


  • How much it costs

<$10 for the portion for a family
The ingredients used for the curry (3 potatoes.1 carrot. 1 onion. 1 fishcake. Pork slices) . Add on fish fillet and chicken nuggets as well!

  • share why you decided to cook that dish(es),

To let my parents taste japanese curry food, since they are only used to typical hainanese curry.

Also, for a kitche noob like me, im taking over to learn how to cook meals on most days now during the circuit breaker period :D

  • a useful cooking tip you have

    If you like soft potatoes and carrot, boil them for a good 20 minutes till they are soft!


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Made mee hoon kueh today as I had more time than sense 😅

Cost was definitely less than $10 for 4 servings! Had most of the ingredients at home anyway. Hmmm.. Useful tip would be to just buy in. Some food are not worth the time to cook in small quantity 🤣

So I made a fusion dish - "Salted Fried Chicken Cutlet Oyako Don"!

How much it costs: Approximately __$6.90 for 2pax

  • 2 Chicken Thighs ($1.35)

  • 1 Onion + 1 Spring Onion + 3 Eggs + 1 Ginger ($1.50)

  • 1 small 250ml Chicken Broth pack ($1)

  • Bread flour ($1.80) & Corn Starch ($1.25)

  • Sauces found at home: Light Soy Sauce, Chinese Rice Wine, Mirin

Share why you decided to cook this dish:

  • So... one day we were looking at our overseas holiday pictures and really miss eating Taiwanese Salted Chicken cutlet and Japanese don. Gotten greedy and decided that we want to have the best of both world haha.

  • Chanced upon this recipe online and seems pretty manageable for a noob cook like me, and...

  • We really need to satisfy our cravings so time for some action on our end!

A useful cooking tip:

  • Instead of pouring all the egg mixture into the sauce, separate it into two parts. Once it's about time to serve, pour remaining egg mixture in. That way, you can enjoy two different textures of the yummy egg!

  • Cook more rice for this dish haha.

Have fun cooking and enjoy!

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What I made?

Made popiah and spicy tuna pasta.
How much it cost:

  • Probably around S$5 or ...

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