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Posted 2w ago

Would you opt for a job that has a nice, big title or go for the one with more pay?

And what are the considerations..?


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More pay, every time. However, there are caveats.

  • You will reach an upper limit in terms of pay if the job title doesn't commensurate with the pay, as companies might think you're overpaid for your current role and wouldn't hire you because (1) you're too expensive (2) they might associate experience w/ title instead of achievements. Sometimes, title could also be inflated too.

  • Also, usually pay commensurates with title, not the other way round.



I would opt for a higher pay. I've previously shared why I think having a higher pay is important. You can save more and you can spend more, without even putting in that much effort.

Other than sounding important (which is really not important at all), I don't see any benefit in a nice title OR a big title.

To put things in perspective, what if I turned your question on its head:

Would you rather be called Dog at X Company but be treated like a king, or would you rather be called King at X Company, but treated like a dog?​​​



5d ago

I get your point, but LOL i still want to be a human lehhh... Be a refugee but treated like king can anot? 😛



5d ago

Can. A poor king :)


My company has this two path. More pay = hitting the ceiling pay as an engineer which pay you 5 digi...

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