Would it be better to sell my BTO due to 'old age' of the flat or rent it out? - Seedly




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Would it be better to sell my BTO due to 'old age' of the flat or rent it out?

Currently working overseas and have a 4-room, 30 years old HDB flat near Simei MRT.

Caught in between renting out my HDB or selling it? Coz given the ‘old age’ of the flat, think it is better to sell?


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It really depends on the type of income you want as well as other factors like the current property market and your future plans.

Looking for a lump sum where you can immediately use for other forms of investments?

Sell your flat would perhaps be the better option.

Looking for consistent cash flow from your property AND you wish to have a home if you ever move back to Singapore?

Perhaps renting it out would be a better option. Either way, I have with me property experts that can help you with selling/renting of flats. DM me if you have any questions!



1w ago

Thanks for your reply, I just scare my 30 years old HDB will depreciate faster than I can imagine
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee

1w ago

Maybe I could further clear your misunderstanding - Depreciation is the cost of your property over the number of years left on your lease. This is at a constant rate and is one of the factors for the VALUE of the flat. Your value of the flat however fluctuates according to the market valuation: Demand-Supply, Depreciation etc. However once again the question you should ask yourself is if you see yourself coming back to Singapore to stay once more, as this affects your strategy with regards to handling this particular asset.
Meiling Tan
Meiling Tan
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Answered 1w ago

It's a toss-up in the current market conditions. It's been a buyer's market for resale flats for the past couple years (i.e., buyers are spoilt for choice, so if your unit doesn't stand out, it might be difficult to sell it).

That said, if you're willing to put in the necessary work before selling it, now might be the only time you have in the next few years. Most of the major financial indicators are that Singapore is headed for a technical recession, which would negatively impact property prices.

Zhi Cheng raises a good point though: if you're coming back from your overseas work in a few years, it might be worth it to keep the property so you have a place to stay.