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With $8k to $10k capital, should I put all of them into ETFs (STI and Robo-advisors) or spilt them into more platforms (P2P, SSB, Blue Chips)?

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    • Bang Hong
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      Answered on 19 Jul 2018

      Depends on your preference, for me as a conservative person that want to build a steady nest egg, for me 1st 10k i went into a blue chip stock that i am familar with.

      Ballpark figures (Not an accurate representation, but something for reference)

      1st 50k - Blue Chip

      50k - 70k - STI ETF / REITS

      Anything more, then i will consider other options.

      Smaller amount of investment, comparing stability returns and confidence, i will put my trust in blue chip stocks that have proper track records with minimum monitoring/management.

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