Asked by William Goh

Updated 3w ago

Why does the Seedly app not sync the account after it's deletion?

Seedly app does not sync account after the account is deleted? Saw the account transactions was not sync after trying a few times, so deleted the account and try to sync again, but the account never get sync back. Is this a bug? The app seems useless to me now if the accounts never ever get sync again. :(


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Thaddeus Tan
Thaddeus Tan, Community Lead at Seedly
Level 5. Genius
Updated 3w ago

Hi William, Thaddeus from Seedly here. Could I trouble you to contact [email protected] so we can better understand the problem you are facing and work to solve it? Thank you!

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William Goh
William Goh

28 Apr 2019

Hi, my situation is similar to this Wonder has it been resolved? Thanks