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Asked on 15 Mar 2019

Why does the data run slow in homes or buildings ?

My Boyfriend just change to circlelife but his connection was so bad at home or in building but once outside its fast


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Yixiong Chang
Yixiong Chang
Level 7. Grand Master
Updated on 16 Mar 2019

Circlelife is using M1's infrastructure. Walls do block the signal, if his home is situated 'inside' a cluster of other buildings, or his room is not with window. Or sway sway that his spot is at the interference spot. There are actually signals booster inside commercial buildings that's why we are still able to get 4g inside shopping mall or office buildings.

Download those apps where u can do speed test/signal strength check. I use Open Signal. It can do speed test, check signal coverage and even which cell tower u are connected to.


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Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham, Kenichi Tag Team Member at Tag Team
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 16 Mar 2019

Maybe the walls are too thick that it hinders the signals. Or maybe the location of his house is being blocked by many other buildings.

Or maybe the house is in some ulu area of sg that has a weaker signal.


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