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Posted on 30 May 2019

Which personal accident insurance is the best?

26 years old, female


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As Hariz has mentioned. Most personal accident plans are similar.

Choose the agent that you know will help to ensure a smooth claim process. That’s more important.



Hi there, I've 3 key points to suggest to you on the best PA plan

Firstly, some plans have unfriendly policy definitions

For example,

1) How is the "accident" defined. 

2) How soon must you file for claims from the date you have incurred the injury.

3) How much you must information (like doctors statement, original bills) you must provide before claims is assessed.

Secondly, some personal accident plans have sub-limit cap when it comes to an individual claim.

I've learnt this the hard way.

There was a claim for a particular MRI scan for a private client and the bill was a thousand dollars plus.

When we filed for claim, we only received $750 because of the sub-limit cap for outpatient treatment even though yearly limits were $4,000.

It was in fine print.

Thirdly, most personal accident plans do not cover for HFMD.

It is common these days to get HFMD. Even for adults.

I've a suggestion here for you https://www.theastuteparent.com/2018/03/sompo-pa-star-personal-accident-insurance-for-family/

Premiums are $295.48/y for the middle plan if your occupation is deskbound.



The one you can claim from without hassle. Honestly all of them are pretty similar.

I do like Aviv...

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