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Which insurance plan is best for retirement? What about to provide annuity payout?

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  • Josh Tan Jian Liang
    Josh Tan Jian Liang
    Level 3. Wonderkid
    Answered on 17 Mar 2019

    With a retirement plan, you get guaranteed income, ideally in a monthly mode so that you can cover your core expenses.

    Kind-of like a low risk passive income source.

    These are FIVE retirement plans to look at now

    They are the following (You may click to get the brochures)

    1) AIA Retirement Saver III : III is the newest version

    2) AVIVA MyRetirement Choice : Choice is the newest version with most flexibility

    3) AXA Retire Happy Plus : Plus is the newest version

    4) Manulife Retire Ready Plus : Plus is the newest version. Sold in DBS

    5)  NTUC RevoRetire Retire : Previous version was a different plan name

    In the post is a detailed explaination of the various plans.

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  • Hariz Arthur Maloy
    Hariz Arthur Maloy, Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent
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    Top Contributor (Apr)

    Level 7. Grand Master
    Answered on 17 Mar 2019

    There are quite a lot of them.

    A few of my favourites (highest projected and guaranteed):

    For lifetime annuities -

    1) Aviva MyLifeIncome

    2) China Life Lifetime Income Plan

    3) NTUC VivoWealthSolitaire

    4) China Taiping Infinite Harvest

    For limited year payouts (over 10-20 years after retirement) -

    1) Aviva MyRetirementChoice

    2) Manulife RetireReady

    3) NTUC RevoRetire

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    • Stanley Stan
      Hi can explain a little or an example on the 6% and the 50K leverage. Thought AvivaMyLifeIncome also has single premium?
      25 Mar 2019
    • Hariz Arthur Maloy
      It's a little hard to type out here Stanley. Would you mind PM-ing me on FB? You can go to my seedly profile and find my fb link there. Or just search Hariz Maloy.
      25 Mar 2019