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Posted on 28 Jun 2019

Which ETF would you recommend?

I'm new to investing and I would like to start by purchasing an ETF. Please recommend me some ETFs which have performed well. If possible, please provide me with some inputs if it is able to sustain such performances. Also, it would be good if you share with me why you chose those ETFs, thanks! :)


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ETF/Funds are just tools. Look to build a global portfolio as a strategy instead.

This means exposure to every developed market as well as emerging markets.

You can do this by buying a simple All Country World Fund or choose individual funds that invests in a single country or continent.

So figure out your strategy before going into the tools to help you pull off that strategy. Some want concentration in only US market, some want an all weather portfolio (almost always make money even if markets are bad kind of portfolio), some want a Deep Value portfolio only made up of small cap stocks from developed markets.

All these are strategies and portfolio considerations. Do this first.


Gabriel Tham

Gabriel Tham

28 Jun 2019

I totally agree This is so helpful 👍 Thank You!


Wei Chin

Wei Chin

Level 4. Wonderkid

Posted on 29 Nov 2019

ETF is a good tool for investment portfolio construction. It depends on your risk appetite and whether you want to focus on local ETFs or both local and global ETFs.

Personally I would prefer to hold a good mix of bond/ stock ETFs.

Here are some good tools that you use to navigate through the ETFs listed on SGX.

List of ETFs: https://api2.sgx.com/sites/default/files/2019-09/ETF_Summary_Info_24%20Sept%202019.pdf

ETF Screener: https://www2.sgx.com/securities/etf-screener



Harvey Tan

Harvey Tan

Level 9. Genius

Updated on 28 Jun 2019

Since you are new, I would advise you to read some investment books first before diving into any inv...

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