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Asked on 19 Aug 2018

Where do you think the opportunities are in the equities market now?


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Ng Lip Hong Kyith
Ng Lip Hong Kyith


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Answered on 21 Aug 2018

Hmm, this is tough but i think the Hong Kong market and Singapore Market have came down. Hong Kong Market is down like 20% and Singapore index is at below 3200.

As an individual investor, I think you can read the latest earnings annoucement of all companies. You might be able to spot stocks that pay out a good dividend yield, and have growing earnings.

If you are looking for godfather kind of companies, you can check out Cheung Kong Assets, Cheung Kong Hutchison, Cheung Kong Infrastucture.



You may think I'm crazy. But... Turkey. At least for the next 12 months. Don't go crazy though.

There is little chance for Turkey to go bankrupt and be worth less than a dollar, no matter how bad the circumstance may seem. There

is a limit to how much Turkish equities will fall from its present abysmal level.

Investment is not about avoiding risks. Investment is about taking calculated risks and I have a documented analysis on why the people I work with think there's opportunity here but I can't just paste his/her analysis here without context.

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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

20 Aug 2018

Actually I think many people are thinking of going Holiday in Turkey now also haha (due to the weaker currency) (side track abit lol) Never knew that they were not on the EUR currency haha.
Good Day Every Day
Good Day Every Day
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Answered on 21 Sep 2018

China market. China has been severely affected since the trade war with US.