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Posted on 02 Aug 2020

What was your initial investing capital as a beginner?


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I started out with lump sum investing into stocks and also with Robo-advisors. I invested around SGD $1,500 as initial captial and did some top ups.

For investments, I think you can look at your current income level and take 20% of your income to put into investments monthly. The most fuss-free method will be with Robo-advisors where you allocate a monthly sum for investment with them. Before investing, you can take a look at the various ways of investing your money so you can find out which works best for you at your risk appetite.



SGD $1,000/month (1/2 in ETFs through Robo and other half in mutual funds)

For beginners, assuming that you have done proper risk planning, I highly recommend investing in mutual funds or ETFs for beginners with little to no knowledge of how the stock market works.

Of course everyone’s situation is different. Best is to speak to a financial advisor or trusted friends who does investments to get a better understanding of your own needs and available investment options.

Hope this helps bud! 😬



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