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What was your first stock you ever bought on the market, and in which sector? Interested to know your story and why you started with that?

Basically I'm always keen to learn from the experts and from people story of why they started investing in the market.

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  • Ng Lip Hong Kyith
    Ng Lip Hong Kyith
    Level 4. Prodigy
    Answered on 21 Aug 2018

    i came from a unit trust environment. Back then I learn about portfolio allocation, how to manage a unit trust portfolio.

    Then I start to learn about individual stock investing. I have been going to the library consistently to pick up IT books that I need, so its natural to add a finance or investing book to it.

    My first stock is Food Junction. I think the earnings was pretty good, the balance sheet was pretty clean and it gives a 6% dividend yield back in 2005. They went into China to expand.

    Food business overseas is tough. They just screw it up. They are not the only one. Thats my first stock story. Didn't end up well.

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