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Asked on 16 Aug 2019

What to look out for when applying for Aviva mindef/mha insurance?

Aviva mindef/mha group insurance is so cheap. I wonder why people still go for 3rd party insurance? I do understand that it doesn't cover CI but with CI Riders its also cheap?

Any hidden terms & condition that I need to know before signing up?


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As Hariz mentioned, you don't own the policy. If the policy owner decides to end their agreement with the insurer, you will be left with no cover (consider a situation where you are no longer insurable, that will compound the problem if you are left with no cover).

Plus, the premiums escalate drastically after 65, if you are like some of my clients who wish have coverage till 70 or even 75, an individual term policy might be better in the long run.

In addition, your maximum coverage is $1 million, and it is not uncommon to have coverage for more than $1 million.

The CI riders are not exactly cheap, plus you won't have CI coverage for life as cover will end at age 70. I did a calculation for some clients before, the total cost of a CI rider added to the Group Term plan was actually more than getting a term plan and a separate Whole Life CI plan for him in the long run.



The typical issues with group policies are that they don't belong to you, you don't own the policy.

This means you're subjected to changes by insurer or policy owner, inability to nominate a beneficiary, and some clauses may be different such as survival period of 30 days for CI unlike 7 days for private policies.

However this doesn't mean group policies are bad, in fact, they should be abused, preferably maxed out, but do have some private cover as well, especially for CI.


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18 Aug 2019

If I sign up online will they assign me an agent? Or I can only deal with their customer service?
Hariz Arthur Maloy
Hariz Arthur Maloy

18 Aug 2019

There's no agent servicing for the group policy. So you'll have to deal with Aviva staff. :)
Albert Tan
Albert Tan, Fin Lit Trainer at MoneyOwl
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Answered on 20 Aug 2019

Just a point to note on distribution upon death. Group policies don't allow for the nomination of beneficiaries and will follow Intestate Succession Act. It may not be the way you intend to distribute.