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Posted 2w ago

What should I do in this next phase of life?

I’m bored, I’m 26, with 350k investable assets, excluding CPF, insurance etc. Self made, no red packet money since birth, no lump sum from grandparents. Started from $0.

Purely liquidated assets in various diversified financial instruments, you name it I have done it/tried it.

Portfolio includes

  1. Cryptos since 2018

  2. Insurance funds (Purely investment)

  3. Robo-advisors

  4. Stocks (US and SG)

  5. Blue chips (dividends focused)

  6. P2P (11% P.A)

  7. UTs (Via FSM)

  8. Fixed income bonds (Astrea-5 years)

  9. Passive automated business income

  10. Alternative investments - Forex

  11. Alternative investments - Trading Puts

  12. Retirement plan (AIA Elite Adventurous)

Questions is - I don’t know what to do next... opening a DBS treasures account soon but it’s just agent asking me to buy retirement plan (which I agreed)

So to all gurus and pros, let’s not talk about the same old 30 years old (100k). What should I do next?

Looking for real comments and opinions! Even sarcasm (we all need it once in awhile)


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Find a spouse to spend your money, suddenly 350k aint enuf



Do you feel a sense of satisfaction when your list of portfolio increase?

E.g you've got 12 different types of investments portfolios currently, mostly managed by fund houses or don't really need to be managed by yourself actively. So are you looking to increase the list from 12 to 20?

Do something that makes you feel excited, is earning more money something that you're looking forward to? E.g Achieving $1million liquidated assets by 30?

I'm sure many people would be interested to know how you're able to achieve $350k at the age of 26, self made. Share the story here, write an article about it, you might feel a sense of satisfaction when you're able to help your fellow friends on this as well.

Open a business? Do trading? Commercial properties? There are a lot of things out there that can earn money, and new things for you to try, but what is it that you want to achieve? If it's the monetary value, then just choose 1 out of the 12 portfolios that is making the most money and continue in that, but if you're looking to explore and at the same time finding opportunities for yourself, just do something that you enjoy. 钱是赚不完的 😊



There comes a time when more money will not make you more happy or less bored. suggest you need to s...

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