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Asked 2w ago

What should a 52-yo conservative investor do with $250K cash?

I am 52 and retiring early. I am unfamiliar with investing—I’m currently invested only in 2 condos, FDs, and the S’pore Savings Bonds. I am debt free. With more time on my hands now to learn and invest in new and trending investment products, may I have your suggestions as to what a ‘newbie’ investor like me may do with $250K cash sitting in the bank? I am pretty conservative in my outlook and value STABILITY and for INCOME as key criteria. Thanks in advance, folks!


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Hi Anon, absolutely agree you should focus on stable income and if I may add, capital preservation. You shouldn't be taking too much risk on this money.

Here's how I would split a conservative portfolio meant for the above.

Global Equity - 20%

High Quality Fixed Income - 20%

Annuities - 40%

Gold - 10%

Cash/Cash alternative - 10%

This will make sure a good portion to be fully guaranteed while a small portion able to provide some long term return to adjust the full portfolio for inflation, while the rest to give some immediate and some deffered lifetime income.


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2w ago

Many thanks, Hariz. Being the ‘newbie’ in this that I am, would you be able to suggest examples of what I could explore in the first 3 investment categories/classes you mentioned, and where I may find them? Once again, many thanks!
Hariz Arthur Maloy
Hariz Arthur Maloy

2w ago

I can't give more specific examples than the above as it may be a specific recommendation. But you can use funds that have exposure to those asset classes. For annuities, I have a comparison table of the top annuities in the market, if you'd like to take a look you can contact me on fb or email me at [email protected] :)