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Asked on 13 Sep 2019

What's the best way to invest $60k for a time period of 2 years only?

I'm turning 35 in 2yr time and intend to buy HDB resale in Oct 2021. What's the best way to grow 60k as much as possible over 2 years. Basically suggestions for possibly highest interest for a 2yr investment. Thanks!

Intend to use this amount for part of the purchase for house eventually.


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    1) Stocks are not for you in case something bad happens in the 2 years

    2) Fixed deposits with banks? Safest, without too many risks

    3) Singapore saving bonds? low returns but not much risk.

    4) https://timelyenterprise.com.sg/better-returns-than-singapore-saving-bonds-similar-risks/ Slightly higher risks than FD, but higher returns. I placed some money with them a month ago. Small money to be used 1 year later for a property.

    5) Stick with those saving accounts with higher rates, such as iSavy with Maybank, OCBC 365 saving accounts, CIMB's high-interest saving account? but then, I think 2 would be a higher interest with the same risks

    I won't suggest any other "safe" methods that others may say in this time... such as buy gold, buy bitcoin, buy these recession-proof stocks, or income portfolio funds.... because u need the money in 2 yrs.

    I have the most money in stocks, a bit of alternative, a bit of bitcoins, a bit of bonds and bank fd.


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