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What is an example of a good portfolio allocation which includes ETFs, blue chips, high growth, dividend stocks and bonds?

ETFs are powerful diversification products, but I realise not a lot of investors recommend a heavy concentration into it as they use it more of a benchmark of what to beat. Is it not a decent product?

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  • Nicholes Wong
    Nicholes Wong, Diploma in Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic
    Level 6. Master
    Answered on 03 Mar 2019

    I think ETFs are awesome product that is very good for people who is fine with following the market instead of beating the market. Maybe the investors you asked prefer to do stock picking and wants to beat the market hence they dont recommend. Everyone have different preference. If you have the ability to beat the market, why would you want to follow it? But beating the market is easier to say than done. You can actually buy ETFs that are large cap ETFs (blue chip), growth ETFs, dividends ETFs and also bonds ETFs. There are all kinds of ETFs that you can invest in. You have to see your risk appetite and goals to set a good portfolio for yourself because some can take more risk while some are more risk averse. Its just Singapore we dont really have much good ETFs, both STI ETF and ABF Bond ETF are mediocre compared to other ETFs. They are usually in US or the London Stock Exchange so thats the sad part.

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