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Asked on 01 Aug 2019

What credit card do you use for your DBS Multiplier account?

Hi! I’m planning to get one of the DBS/ POSB cards for my Multiplier account, but feeling stuck as the cards don’t seem very appealing to my spending behaviour.

My expenses are largely EZ-Link, Grab, some dining, and online expenses (Shopee, retail, Netflix or work expenses from Google / Facebook) ~ $400-$950 per month. I don’t visit Sheng Shiong, petrol kiosks or pay bills. Live Fresh has a $20 cap on categories which isn’t too appealing.

Which DBS/ POSB credit card would work best for me?


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Based on your spending patterns, I believe DBS Live Fresh works best for you. Unless you are a miles person then you should consider DBS Altitude (btw the miles don't expire) or DBS WWMC (miles expires every year).

For DBS Live Fresh, it is 5% cashback cap at $400 per category spent (min. $600 spent per month)

Category meaning: Online, Contactless (PayWave) and Other Spend.

Based on your $400-$950 spent on expenses, it doesn't look to me that you're reaching the cap of $400 per category spent. If you are for ONE category then consider rearranging your expenses, so like instead of spending online, go to a physical store to make the same purchase but using PayWave. :)

Anyway, just wanna add that you don't have to spend just to earn the extra interest rate on the Multiplier. A decent S$1 macs ice cream like what Gabriel mentioned will do the trick.

Edit: Forgot to mention Live Fresh is having a 10% cashback SimplyGo promo too!


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Kenneth Fong
Kenneth Fong

03 Aug 2019

This is so helpful 👍
Cherie Julianne Tan
Cherie Julianne Tan

22 Aug 2019

Thank You!
Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham, Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 01 Aug 2019

For DBS multiplier, there is no minimum spend required on credit cards.

I use POSB Everyday card, every month just spend $1 on Mcdonalds ice cream to clock the requirement.

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Cherie Julianne Tan
Cherie Julianne Tan

01 Aug 2019

HAHHAAHAHAH what. that's cute.