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Asked 2w ago

What can I use the free credit report for?

I applied for a Citi credit card today and it is approved by the bank.

Interestingly, in their email, they stated "If you wish to have a free credit report, you may obtain it within 30 calendar days from the date of this notification via the credit bureau website listed below."

This is the first time I receive this.

Is there any benefit in getting this free credit report? erm, other than just to satisfy my curiosity in my track record. Haha.


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Billy Ko
Billy Ko, Analyst at ClubMed
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered 2w ago

Yes indeed. The credit report is like a resume generated for your financial self. Basically banks will determine via your credit report whether you are suited to apply for loans / credit cards. So if your credit rating is poor, you can see what is the main cause of it and find ways to improve your credit rating in order to apply for loans or a higher loan amount / credit cards

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ūüĎć 1
Question Poster

2w ago

Ooh...I see! Thanks! That's pretty helpful.