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What are your personal finance resolutions for 2019?

Here is Seedly's "5 Days of Christmas" Day 3 task! Tell us what are your personal finance resolutions for 2019? And if you'd like, share a little about your personal resolutions as well. For me, my pf resolutions would be to get my finances in order, starting with using the Seedly Money Framework. And personally, to get healthier by cutting down on some bad habits, as well as.. maybe.. exercising. Let's hear yours!

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    • Kenneth Lou
      Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
      346 Answers, 821 Upvotes
      Answered on 19 Dec 2018

      My Personal Financial Resolutions for 2019:

      • Bring my total Investment portfolio value to around $50k or more by end of year
      • Deriving a total dividend yield of around 6 to 7% p.a distributed in quarters ($3,500 cash yield every year)
      • Optimise my REIT portfolio to model the index better so it's more diversified
      • Continually contribute my RSP between $500 to $1000 every month
      • Ensure our Joint Account with my other half continues to grow well (and put at a better Yield location rather than the 1% p.a now) Saw a 2.02% savings account model type (even better than SSB)
      • Buy 2 x Growth stock during the market crash (when it happens)

      Total Returns = Capital Gains (growth stock) + Dividend Yield (REITs)

      Other side resolutions:

      • Grow the Seedly community here while our team also grows! And become Singapore's largest personal finance community centered on the mission to make smarter decisions!
      • Donate some % of my income to charity I believe in (right now it's the Brain Tumour Society Singapore)
      • Lose 10kg and win the weight loss challenge at work - Total pot is worth $1k LOL
      • Try the Keto diet lol.

      I will be documenting my investment journey here on my Seedly profile, so do join me here:

      Here is the reference from previous years general template:

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
      374 Answers, 896 Upvotes
      Answered on 19 Dec 2018

      My personal finance resolutions for 2019:

      1. Learn to self pick REITS and low cash high potential equity via direct investment as first steps to build passive income stream.

      2. Sign up more classes to upskill / upgrade for better jobs / more income.

      3. Find alternative income stream to save more for better cash flow to invest to reach goal #1 faster.

      4. eXcercise and food control to lose 10kg! :P

      What's yours ? Any suggestions to reach all the above in plan ? :)

      Since we "Never plan to fail but fail to plan!" - Let's work towards our goals by first start planning !!!

      Cheers! Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

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    Yew Khim
    Yew Khim
    1 Answers, 7 Upvotes
    19 Dec 2018

    i wish i can make more money whilst sleeping. i meant i hope to earn more passive - not selling my body. haha.

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