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Chan Hian Yi

Posted on 31 May 2018

What are the top "miles hacks" for credit cards?


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Aik Kai

Aik Kai

Level 11. Master

Updated on 07 Jun 2019

When playing the miles game, have a strategy and have an ideal redemption in mind. Also, don't mix cashback cards into your army of credit cards. In fact, don't get them.

Bascially, you need to understand and ingrain the idea of MPD (miles per dollar), which is how many miles you are getting per dollar spent. This is the backbone of all miles hacks.

And with that, just sharing some things I learnt:

1) Be prepared to own a lot of credit cards. Different banks at different point of time will come up with promotions to get new sign ups. The promotions normally give away quite a huge amount of miles so just sign up and get the sign-up bonus. Citibank in the past give 10k or 15k miles just for signing up and using the card. AMEX has that forever 5k miles for your first transaction on the card.

2) With reference to point 1, keep a lookout for credit card promotions. Once you see a promotion and it fits you, jump on it. Otherwise, wait ba.

3) Have a credit card spending strategy, like what card is used for what purpose and make sure the card you use gives you the most mpd. The DBS World Women MasterCard gives you 4mpd for all online spend, hence making it the most popular one among miles chasers. OCBC Titanium Rewards gives you 4mpd for all mobile payment, hence covering gaps that the World Women card miss. Different miles chasers have different plans to plug the gaps but all in all, the general rule is that every dollar spent using a credit card should give you miles. But note that banks can change their credit cards from time to time so be mindful of any announcemnt by the banks.

4) Get cards that have no expiry dates on their points. Citi Premiermiles, DBS Altitude Visa and AMEX versions are the 3 currently known cards that have no expiry date on the accumulated points.

5) Get cards that give you points/miles on paying annual fees. Again, the 3 cards that i mentioned in point 4 give you extra miles for paying the annual fee.

6) Pair your credit cards with MilesLife app. Gives you opportunities to double-dip. You earn miles through the app and you earn miles through the credit card that you use in MilesLife.

7) Read the milelion and shutterwhale (why they are based off animals is something i cannot comprehend) to get more tips and tricks and they are also normally the first places to announce any upcoming promotions on credit card.

8) Also, HWZ forum users have complied a crowdsourced spreadsheet for credit cards. Just do a google seacrh and you should find it. Very useful spreadsheet, especially when you don't know if the merchant you are shopping at gives you the max points available or just the minimum.

Cheers and all the best to your next redemption!


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Chan Hian Yi

Chan Hian Yi

15 Jun 2018

Got it and thank you :)

YY Yin Yu

YY Yin Yu

02 Jul 2018

Triple dip it! Buy the credit (1st dip), then use the credit to purchase the voucher or dine at the restaurant (2nd dip). Especially when receive high bonus miles from daily check-in (like 500 miles with $65 spent - 3rd dip). I mostly buy the Grab credit this way (because i use Grab quite a lot too). Not to mention about the additional bonus miles offered for specific airline or credit card (time limited though), this would be the 4th dip!


Kenneth Lou

Kenneth Lou

Level 15. Grandmaster

Updated on 07 Jun 2019

I'm by no means a miles expert but been studying it for quite some time!

Here are some tips which I've picked up along the way:

  1. Have a miles strategy (start with the end in mind, eg a trip for a honeymoon to X country with X miles needed for business class)

  2. Work backwards till today

  3. Find the best card based on your needs (are you a local, overseas or online spended primarily)

  4. For example for online spend, you can use the Woman's World mastercard(http://10x/4mpd for online spending. (Grab, Fave, and pretty much everything online%29) which gets you almost 10x/4mpd for online spending. (eg GRAB, Lazada etc) or the CITI rewards Card which seems to be highly rated as well.

  5. Only spend on either Business or First class (it's most worth it only on those)

  6. Sign up bonuses (time your purchases eg home renovation or pre-wedding or banquet packages) these are huge

  7. Paying for yearly renewals to get the miles (per dollar)

  8. You can consider using Mileslife but not many merchants on it yet (it's like a payment option which allows you to redeem miles per spend)

Finally, without fail, subscribe to Milelion and his blog at http://milelion.com/ he's clearly niched himself very well in that space :) And he has a telegram group as well where miles hunters hang out frequently. ​​​


Chan Hian Yi

Chan Hian Yi

08 Jun 2018

Thanks @kenneth! Shared by a friend... Those with Citibank cards and an iPhone, link them to your ApplePay Citi PremierMiles is 4x miles per dollar spent, Citi Rewards is 8x miles per dollar spent Promotion ends end July 2018!

Yuantai Liu

Yuantai Liu

14 Feb 2020

Great tip, Kenneth! Most people fail at the planning part, myself included :O


YY Yin Yu

YY Yin Yu

Level 6. Wonderkid

Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Perhaps i just share how i accummulate miles via credit card.

First of all, i am currently holdi...

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