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Asked on 30 Jul 2019

What are some struggles that insurance agents face and how do they overcome them?

Very curious what are the common struggles and issues insurance agents face. How often do these problems crop up/occur? How do they overcome and deal with it?


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Prospecting - Getting leads and people to talk to about our solutions.

Presenting - Getting said person to understand why they need insurance and the other solutions the agent provides.

Handling Objections - Not being able to answer questions and queries properly without losing the case.

Closing - Getting said person to take action and commit to the recommendation provided.

Financial and Product Knowledge - To make the proper recommendation for clients. This is above an beyond just what we learn in our textbooks and what was taught to us during training.

How to overcome? Learn from people who've done it before. Your managers, colleagues, international speakers, trainers, books, youtube videos, AND LOTS OF PRACTICE. :)


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30 Jul 2019

Hi Hariz, thank you for sharing. Prospecting seems like the most difficult struggle. Would be great if you could share with me how you overcame and got better at prospecting. TIA
Hariz Arthur Maloy
Hariz Arthur Maloy

30 Jul 2019

I came from digital marketing. So I've built my entire business online. :) Plus lots of contribution online like via Seedly has gave me some additional clients and inquiries but only as a bonus of course.