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Asked by Takashi Fujita

Asked on 24 Jun 2019

What are some practical tips for saving money on a wedding?

My wedding is coming up, does anyone have any tips on how to save money?


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Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee
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Answered on 24 Jun 2019

If you are refering to 'saving money' as in cost effectiveness:

Start with a plan. Know your costs and your budget. Assuming that we are referring to a traditional Chinese banquet, the banquet cost alone will be anywhere from 60%-80% of your budget. Look for alternative venues. Could a restaurant instead of a hotel work for you?

Do your research. I have seen couples spent almost $10K on the gown/suit package with pre wedding photo shoot. I have seen the same thing for



Do you need big fanciful dinner? Do you need to have a wedding dinner for your parents? (let's face it, most of us have dinners for the sake of our parents. 40% of the wedding guests are relatives we seldom talk to or don't even know exists and 40% are parents' friends that we never seen in our lives)

I had quite an expensive and elaborate wedding. Photoshoots in Las Vegas (with a honeymoney that happens before the marriage), a great gatecrashing ceremony (with great friends), limousine services, great wedding ceremony etc etc.

I remember everything on the day... EXCEPT the dinner. lol

I can't remember what we ate, what we did and how "enjoyable" it was....

the whole dinner was.... totally non memorable.

Oh yah, now that I am typing this I do remember eating the fish that was served in our hotel room after the dinner ended. Most of the time, the wedding couple has no time to eat during the dinner.... so the service staff will keep the food and push to your room when the dinner is over.

IF your parents allow, I say keep the dinner simple, small and cosy.

(of course, if your parents need it to be large, it's no longer a practical tip)


Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
Jasmine Chye Fong Yee


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Updated 2d ago

Other than considering what you really want/need for your banquet, some other tips if you really have to follow your in-laws or parents' wishes are:

  • Get your wedding dress from Taobao/qoo10: I got mine for cheap online and no one could tell it was that price. No one remembers my wedding dress anyway 2 years on.
  • Do you really need an expensive photoshoot? I got a freelance photographer (with good credentials of course) and freelance makeup artist and got the photoshoot that I want for keepsakes.
  • If you really need to spend, check out credit cards with the best rewards most suitable for you and your partner. E.g. Rebates, Miles or voucher redemption.


Nurul Afiqah Binti Laili
Nurul Afiqah Binti Laili


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Answered 1w ago

The rest have pretty much covered what I wanted to say but to add on you gotta know your priorities, like what's truly important to you. Once you see what it is that's truly needed and what is just a passing fancy then I'm sure you'll be able to save a ton. For example, if you're planning on giving out door gifts or small tokens of appreciation to your guests for taking the time to celebrate your big day, you can perhaps gift them with custom-made gifts from Printcious since apart from being budget-friendly they also make meaningful gifts.



Quality vs quantity, start with the guest list and make sure of the guests invited are likely to support and attend your wedding event.

Next, make some compromises for wedding planning such as photoshoots and wedding photographer coverage. If Budget is out for videography, replace with a photo montage or DIY video, creativity plays a part here for cost effectiveness.

Note : Please do not be overly tight on budget and kill off the whole wedding planning, wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, so some costs will become sunken costs.