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Asked on 05 Jun 2020

What are some platforms or books to start learning more about investing?

Hii :) im 19 this year and would like to know more about investing in general starting from the very basics. can anyone suggest any platforms or books to really get to learn about investing when the knowledge i currently have is close to zero?


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Wilson Nid A Break
Wilson Nid A Break
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 06 Jun 2020

Go to libbyapp.com and login via your NLB account, and go borrow as many personal finance / value investing books. Borrow books that are written from a practictioner perspective. Can start with beginer friendly:

  1. The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing by Pat Dorsey

  2. The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight, and Independence for Today's Investor, Josh Peters

If books are not your cup of tea, there are a couple good US financial youtubers to follow

  1. Graham Stephan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6KDgJskWaEckne5aPA0aQ

  2. PPCIAN: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXtrYuGksGkkyls50lPWvYQ​​​


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Here's an unpopular advice: skip on investing books, most of the time they will teach you about boring stuff like ratio this ratio that.

Remember, no one has learnt how to walk using a book.

Instead, watch youtube channels like:

Graham Stephan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6KDgJskWaEckne5aPA0aQ

Chicken Genius: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0OnreqP55xLpA6W5nzxb5Q

(shameless plug) my channel: https://youtu.be/kojnG6F0Nco

or read Seedly articles.

The best and fastest way to learn about investing is by listening to real, up to date advice from people who actually invest. Much like how we learnt how to walk and swim by watching people around us.


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Boon Peng
Boon Peng
Level 6. Master
Answered on 05 Jun 2020

Hello there! Seedly is a great platform for you to read about stock investment. They have plenty of easy to understand investment articles available for your to browse for free.You might want to browse around this website further.



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