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Kenneth Lou

Posted on 28 Jul 2020

What are some interesting money habits you have developed over time?

Share your interesting tips, hacks, tricks and habits you have created and share with our community today!


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I realised my money mantra looks something like this:

"Automate what's good for you, make the pain manual"

I automate (GIRO) my:

  • Regular savings sum to my Joint account

  • Mom's monthly allowance

  • Investment monthly sum (dollar cost averaging)

  • Insurance premiums annually

I do these manually:

  • Manually pay my credit card bills so I feel the pain of how much I am spending every month

  • Manually key in some large ticket expenses on my app

Anymore interesting ones to share with the community? :)

No right or wrong here!


Kit Cat

Kit Cat

29 Jul 2020

Wow, exactly what I am doing...


Here is a list of mine

  1. Take 2-3 hrs 1 day in a month (usually last day of the month) to tabulate all my accounts to compute the net worth

  2. Before the smartphone age, come back home before do anything, fire up the computer to record the day's transaction in Quicken

  3. Nowadays with smartphone, after ordering food or getting the bill, record the transaction in YNAB (you need a budget)

  4. After you get off the bus or train, record the transaction in YNAB

  5. Before starting to vaccum the floor, put on bluetooth earphones and listen to something money while vaccuming


Kenneth Lou

Kenneth Lou

30 Jul 2020

YNAB! Solid app

Ng Lip Hong Kyith

Ng Lip Hong Kyith

30 Jul 2020

Thank You!


Takingstock @

Takingstock @

Level 12. Master

Posted on 30 Jul 2020

Here goes mine...

1) yes to automation, my mantra is as much as possible. I automate transfers of a...

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