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Asked on 11 Aug 2018

What are some factors to consider when choosing a house?


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Charmaine Ng
Charmaine Ng, The Code Breaker at @ Every Chye Peng Stall
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Answered on 16 Aug 2018



Consider the following:

  • Who will be staying in the house? The needs of a young couple vs family including babies and elderly can be very different. Example, young couple do not require a larger place at moment but if they can afford then yes please go ahead while a family will definitely require a larger house which resale may be a better idea.
  • Financing. How are you going to finance this (cpf/cash) and do you have enough liquidity? I know of a couple who threw in all their savings and now they're struggling to keep afloat. Select something that fits into your budget.
  • Location. Do you prefer a certain estate due to the vibe or accessibility? How about the maturity of estate? For myself I'd definitely avoid punggol at all costs because of all the young couples having BTO in the area now and the density of the estate isn't what I like. Can you accept somewhere quieter and slightly further from MRT for a lower price point? Even the floor storeys matter if you're selecting a HDB or Condo. I know of people who would never take 2nd floor house (I was one of them too) but now to think of it I can run the fastest if anything happens šŸ˜‚
  • Do you plan to sell your house and change to something bigger or smaller in 5-10years time? If you have then it probably doesn't matter but if not and you are planning to form a family; the location of the schools around you would makes a difference.
  • The community and your MP. Some estates have better facilities (think parks, bigger community centres and library etc.) If you're an avid jogger who loves nature; consider this.

Hope this helps!



Depending on your needs, my buyers below 30 usually look out for their children, ease of transportation and walking distances to schools. My buyers below 50 usually look to upgrade to a smaller condominium for them to enjoy as their kids move out. Let me know more about your lifestyle and I can advise you better. Cheers!


  • Feng Shui
  • location
  • Age of the place
  • Can I sell it
  • what facilities are around the location ?


Dawn Fiona
Dawn Fiona
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Answered on 14 Aug 2018

Consider what YOU want.