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Asked 5d ago

Which should I choose - VTI or VOO?

I’m aware VOO is only to large-cap companies while VTI invests in everything including small and mid-caps. I’m thinking of DCA $500 monthly into VTI. Or can I actually invest into $500 each to VTI and VOO? Is it the same or overlapping?

Kenneth Lou
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TLDR: Same Same but Different. Up to you if you want one or both.

Why Different?

While these 2 ETFs have slightly different rules, they end up with slightly similar results. Why? What an ETF does is to replicate the performance of an index. VOO and VTI are replicating different indexes.

If you want to know about the indexes being tracked

VOO - S&P 500 Index

VTI - CRSP US Total Market Index

Why Same Same?

The reason why they are similar is because the index that each ETF is replicating has quite a number of overlaps in the assets held. If you were to dig into what assets these 2 ETFs hold, their 10 largest holdings are exactly the same! Refer to the below screenshots which I got from Vanguard's website for VOO and VTI.

A gentle reminder: Always go to the source to get the answers. Hearsay is not enough when it comes to your own hard earned money.



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Question Poster

5d ago

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help! Love Seedly community 😁😁
Charmaine Chua
Charmaine Chua

5d ago

You are welcome :)


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Frankie Aufhauser-Rappaport
Frankie Aufhauser-Rappaport

5d ago

Overlap can be calculated here: https://www.etfrc.com/funds/overlap.php