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Upload a photo or meme that describes your 2018?

It’s Day 4’s task of the “5 Days of Christmas” giveaways! Task: Upload a photo/meme that describes your 2018, leave a caption as well telling us why! (The photo/meme can be finance related, or personal)

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    • Jim Ng
      Jim Ng, Chief Digital Marketing Expert at
      46 Answers, 114 Upvotes
      Answered 4w ago

      1. Married my girlfriend of 5 years, moving in together yay!!!
      2. Wrote 8 personal finance articles to educate Singaporeans on managing personal finances.
      3. Was Seedly Top Contributor (Nov) for giving answers on Seedly platform.
      4. Started my own digital marketing agency, Swift Turn Marketing
      5. All while being a 23 years old Full-Time student at Singapore Institute of Technology
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    • Huang Yixuan
      Huang Yixuan, Lucky Cat at Lucky Cat Company
      15 Answers, 74 Upvotes
      Answered 4w ago

      Upvote this lucky cat for good luck good money good fortune in 2019

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    Priscilla Long
    Priscilla Long
    3 Answers, 18 Upvotes
    20 Dec 2018

    2018 has been a constant struggle to look for a new job as a fresh grad with limited experience. I’m glad that I can end 2018 in a good note. ◡̈

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