Up-skilling has been widely advocated these days. With many lists of top/in-demand skills, how can I choose which to start learning first? - Seedly
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Asked 1w ago

Up-skilling has been widely advocated these days. With many lists of top/in-demand skills, how can I choose which to start learning first?

I feel so overwhelmed. So little time, so many things to learn.


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Follow Pareto's Principle.

20% of the new skills you learn will produce 80% of the end results.

Find a sweet spot where the new skills you acquire gives you tremendous satisfaction while giving you enough to hit your own financial goals.

If you have not read it,


We never stop upskilling, we all have to adapt, grow, or be subject to obsoleteness.


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Billy Ko
Billy Ko, Analyst at ClubMed
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Answered 6d ago

Hi there! I totally feel you. The resources are aplenty, just google MOCC and thousands of fee courses pop up, but which should I select to enroll?

I personally feel there are 3 ways you can go about to prioritise on skills to pickup.

1) Career-wise

Find courses relating to your career (assuming you're currently working).

2) Trending

Head to any job portal and you'd notice C++, R, SQL, Python are all very highly sought after skills in the roles within the business and tech industries. Even though you might not need it now, but if one day tides turn, I don't foresee coding language going obsolete.

3) Interest

I think this is really important too! Just find something you like and enjoy and just do it. Sometimes its in the process, not in what greets you at the finishing line :)


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This could be in the form of taking a career profiling/ personality test to see what are your strengths and preferences; or talking it out with a professional like a career advisor.

I only got about doing a mind map to analyse what I disliked about a job and what I enjoyed doing not so long ago when I should have started earlier. It is important to build self-awareness about what you LIKE doing (preferences) and what you are GOOD at (strengths). Then, consider what options you have based on your self analysis. Itis also good to consider your weaknesses and dislikes as well.

Draft actionable steps with a timeline:

a) Find out what opportunities there are in the market by doing a quick google search/ check on job portals by (date)

b) Match the opportunities to your self-analysis above by (date)

c) Filter out the ones that are not suitable and narrow down your choices to top 3 roles (not jobs) by (date)

d) Read the requirements of the roles of different companies and compile a list of skills/expertise they are looking for by (date)

e) Consider signing up for mid-career training courses and approach a professional to rewrite your resume for a career switch by (date)​​​


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