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Posted on 29 Jul 2020

Uobam robo (latest robo in town)?

Anyone sign up already? Cant find any review yet.


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Decent returns of about ~7% on the "Aggressive" portfolio since Nov 20 and DCA monthly.

Currently UOBAM running a promo $20 for new signups (May-June 2020)


  • Be 1st 3000 to sign up from now to 30 June - receive $10

  • Top up minimum $500 - receive $10

Use link below to sign up: https://uobaminvest.page.link/Ex4u



Alfred Chan

Alfred Chan

Level 5. Wonderkid

Posted on 02 Aug 2020

Signed up and received the $20 credits as well. No referrals needed. I can see they mainly invest in US ETFs with the most aggressive portfolio allocating up to 98% in equities and 2% cash



20 Aug 2020

Hi, may I know how long did it take before the bonus was credited?

Alfred Chan

Alfred Chan

23 Aug 2020

Bonus was credited pretty quickly. It saw the bonus credits within a week.


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