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Nasarudeen Jamain

Asked 2w ago

Is Singapore’s model of iphone 12 true 5G?

Im not sure if im reading it right but when i checked iphone 12 pro spec from Singapore’s apple store app, seems like the 5G is only sub-6GHz. When i looked at US apple store website, the 5G is both both sub-6GHz and mmWave. Is Singapore’s model of Iphone 12 different?


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Only US models of the iPhone 12 will support mmWave 5G on bands n260 and n261. The rest of the world will only be getting sub-6GHz 5G. Models with mmWave support will have an antenna cutout on the right-side edge of the phone below the power button.

This may seem like a major disadvantage but the infrastructure for mmWave 5G currently does not exist in SG at the moment. Sub-6GHz 5G is also still being rolled out. The frequency bands used for mmWave 5G by the US iPhone 12 may be different from the ones in SG so it may not be a good idea to import a US iPhone 12 just for the mmWave 5G capability.

You can view more detailed information at

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