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Updated on 23 Apr 2019

Tesla to Launch RoboTaxi Network by 2020? If this works,will existing ride sharing network Uber and Lyft be doomed?

All new Tesla vehicles are now produced with its custom full self-driving computer chip and will be allowed to place their vehicles on the ride-hailing app since 2016. TSLA will take 25-30% of revs.


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HC Tang
HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
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Answered on 23 Apr 2019

No. The ride sharing biz won't be doom and they will partner with Tesla and also they are doing own R&D of self driving tech so they are not under mercy of anyone.

The only one suffer is the driver , so full time driver now best to try make use of skillfuture initiative , more fundings and support now to acquire other skills and knowledge and change job. Can still drive part time as side gig, just do drive as main/ only source of income.