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Posted on 01 Jun 2020

(Stocks Discussion) SGX: OUE Commercial REIT (SGX: TS0U)?

Discuss anything about OUE Commercial REIT (SGX: TS0U) share price, dividend yield, ratios, fundamentals, and if you would buy or sell this REIT on the SGX Singapore market. Do take note that the answers given by our members are just their opinions, so please do your own due diligence before making an investment in OUE Commercial REIT (SGX: TS0U).


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Zachary Teo

Level 9. Genius

Posted on 03 Jun 2020

I been watching OUE for the past 3 months since the crash in mid March. Won't go into the fundamentals and technical side but just looking it as a business operation. I do think they are pretty well diversified in their properties from offices, hotels to shopping plaza. However, I personally find that their foot traffic can be rather low even before the Covid period. Offices are occupied 90% previously and located in the Central of Singapore which I think is great. However, given the current situation, I am not certain how long they can last through. Their OUE Downtown also consist a fair bit of medium-high end tier shops, yoga studios, gyms, which only have foot traffic when offices are open.

I think all these adds into my doubts to put them on watchlist now.



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