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14 Jul 2020



Discuss anything about CAPITALAND MALL TRUST REIT (SGX:C38U) share price, dividends, yield, ratios, fundamentals, technical analysis and if you would buy or sell this stock on the SGX Singapore markets.

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Very strong portfolio and a strong mall management skills. they had been increasingly increasinging their footfall by expansion and improving the performance of their mall.

However, i feel that the growth had been priced in at $2.64. Will buy in if it weaken more

Capland Mall REIT is no doubt one of the better REITs in Singapore. However in my view, it has limited growth because its properties is dependent on footfall. With SIngapore population set to stagnate( Unless Singpaore imports in more foreigners), this means Capland malls are set to see limited growth in footfall and in turn revenue. Its mall mix is now mainly heartland mall which means it sells run of the mill items (think uniqlo) and normal restuarant food (Din Tai Fung). All these require volume fo shoppers and does not have any unique value proposition


The REIT looks fairly valued to me at current prices

Bjorn Ng

20 Jan 2020

Business Analyst at 10x Capital

One of the better REITs in SG right now. If you noticed, their malls are always super near MRT. Convenient to access and generates a lot of foot traffic. Because of their link to the government, I would think they have "special access" to locations as compared to others like F***rs". Solid DPU & NAV growth and super consistent. In my watchlist!

However, their yield right now is pretty low about 4.42%. I would wait for the time when the yield is 5% before considering to invest, and hold for the super long term!

I kinda like the management and how the assets are being run. Seem to have some great foresight to do enhancements to the assets at the right time. But price, sector and yield wise, it's no go for me. I prefer the industrial/logistics reit sector.

Valuation been bit pricey, and it seems at the last quarter of 2019, price had been hovering near a ...

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