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Posted on 18 Feb 2020

Singapore Budget 2020: What is our biggest takeaway?

Discuss anything about the Budget 2020. How do you think it will impact us, Singaporeans? What do you like and not like about the Budget 2020?


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It's that time of the year again! The time where the nation's plans are announced!

We will edit as the news breaks :) together with the team!

For me, here are my predictions and ideas:

  1. COVID-19 will take up the big part of the budget, if you have been following Heng Swee Kiat, you would have seen that he has been pushing edits to the last minute to ensure we get past this virus and its problems together as a nation

  2. Support packages for employees and employers who would be affected in terms of GST rebates, vouchers and also for companies would be tax rebates or tax breaks

  3. Especially in Tourism and Hospitality sectors which are hit the hardest, these sectors would likely benefit the most from what is to be announced today

Let's hope it's exciting times for the nation as we head into the new decade with a new DPM and future PM, It's election year, so hopefully we can chart a new decade with better direction soon!



Guo Hao Teo

Guo Hao Teo

18 Feb 2020

Ya MTI say we will drop the growth forecast to -1.5% potentially. A year of recession awaits...


Hi Anon!

Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing the Government's take on the economic impact Covid-19 will have on the Singaporean Economy, along with the measures they'll be taking to counteract this in order to stabilise the economy. DPM Heng Swee Keat has already said that The 2020 Singapore Budget will include measures that were "not on the table one month ago", and I'm intrigued as to see what these measures will be- such as the supposed upcoming package to help Singaporeans with the current cost of living during this crisis.

I believe that the Government's response to the current Covid-19 Situation through Budget 2020 can possibly be a defining moment for my generation, as many of my peers are unconvinced of the Government's effectiveness. I think there's 2 main reasons for this-

  1. Disagreements with the government's stance on various controversial issues such as LGBT.

  2. My generation hasn't really lived through a crisis before, thus we have not witnessed the government's effectiveness in such situations first-hand.

Hence, their response in their handling of the Covid-19 Situation is a real opportunity to increase their credibility amongst the younger generation, greatly increasing the stakes for this year's Budget.



GST rate remains at 7% for 2021. 🤩...

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