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Should I take up a government bonded scholarship (5 years) to study political science? Or should I work part-time to pay my school fees?

reason I'm asking is because my cousin recently graduated with this bond, and every day she just wishes she could change her job. And sh'e only 8 months into her job

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    • Serene Toh
      Serene Toh
      38 Answers, 78 Upvotes
      Answered 4w ago

      If you are going to study political science, with or without the scholarship it might be better to take the scholarships. If you don't like the job after, its more likely that its the course that's wrong for you and not the job (most jobs are the same no matter where you are).

      If you are taking the course just for the sake of a scholarship and the secure job. You really need to think about it. Research what the course is about and what type of job it will lead to. Then consider if you can tahan or not. Its not just the 5 year bond, its the time & effort in university as well.

      Most of the time people who take a government job are not looking for excitement, but just want a stable job that they can hold till retirement.

      Financially, it does make sense, to take the scholarship, only if you want to take that course or if you have no idea what you which course you want to study. if you are the type that can tahan and hold on. take it and use the 5 years to build your first pot of savings.

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    • Gabriel Tham
      Gabriel Tham

      Top Contributor (Dec)

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      Answered 4w ago

      stable job. stable income. amazing!

      Get a bond is the safer choice. You dont even have to hunt for a job or worry no job!

      Anyway there is no guarantee you will find a job you love even if you break the bond.

      What's worse is no bond, hate job, no job security!

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    Nicholes Wong
    Nicholes Wong, Diploma in Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic
    195 Answers, 288 Upvotes
    24 Dec 2018

    Government bond means you will secure a job and have stable income. You wont have to worry too much about money and can focus on studies. It really depends on you. Some people are able to hold on for 5 years even if they dont like the job. Your cousin dont like, doesnt mean you wont like as well. Working part time while studying will be tougher and you will have to work hard to get a job after you graduate. Your resume and interview have to do good as well. Your part time job knowledge and skills may or may not be able to help you secure a job easier.

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